Guide to Home door installation

Hang A Door

Door installation of wooden house doors

Although hanging a door in your house is a fairly easy task, in order to do it right you need to make sure of a few things.

8 Things to do door installation correctly

  1. Make sure your door is the correct size before you do the door installation. Normal doors in most houses is 813mm with a height of 2030mm. You also get the 762mm in width, make sure you have the correct size door.

  2. Before you start anything, first see if the door frame is square. Determine your corners and straightness of the frame.

  3. Measure the door frame vertically in at least three places, left side, right sight and center. Measure from frame inside to floor bottom.

  4. Measure the door frame vertically in at least three places, top, bottom and center.

  5. Now determine where your lock side is. Most indoors today has a "lockblock" side. This means they have only given one side a suitable extension for a lock. If you do not do this, you will end up having your lock fitted only through less than 35mm of wood!

  6. Measure out the door and work with your dimensions taken from the door frame measurements. Start first with the length. Cut the door to make an exact fit at first, leaving room for final adjustments. The frame may not be square and if so give a bit of extra before cutting the length. If you have 2 different measurements on the lenght, use the longest lenght to cut your door on. One longer measurements usually means you have not square corners that needs to be considered or the door will be skew in the frame. Doors should fit in the frame by even spaces round about. This means that if the corners are not square, you must do the door the same to fit in the unsqaure frame!

  7. Hold the door before the opening in the frame. Of course the door will not fit for now but it will give you a good idea if there may be special work on the door, skew corners, etc!

  8. Mark our the width of the door and plane or cut (using a straight edge) the sides of the door. Do not overdo. Check bit by bit on the progress of the door

Now work with a hand planer, hold the door against the frame and look for high spots on the door and plane them out so that the door will fit into the frame,. leaving at least a 5mm spacing all around.

Now mark out the hinges. Take special care to look to what side they open and chisel out the door hinge rebates.

Fit the door now into the frame, hang them on the hinges with one or two screws.

Do last minute smooth out especially on the lock side.

Now mark out the lock spacing.

Use a chisel to cut out the rebate for the lock to sink in.

Use a power drill. Mark out the exact space of the inside of the lock dropping into the door. Normally a 16mm flat wood drill works just fine. Some use a 18-19mm drill for the lock rebate. Mark the middle out of the door, normally around 17-20mm from both sides where the lock will fit. Drill the outer holes first. Check the depth of the lock.

Tip: mark the depth on the drill bit by using tape or a cable tie.

Measure the distance between the two holes and overlap each hole just enough so that the drill will find its own path. When all the holes have been drilled, rem the holes - work them out towards each other in a even exercise until the rebate has been cleaned and the lock fits well.

Now check the lock. Mark out the key hole and handle guide. Mark both sides. Drill the handle holes. DO not drill from one side through to the other side. Drill each hole separately from both side and afterwards drill the hole right through. Do the lock hole as well. Use a smaller drill. Normally a 8-10mm drill is enough.

Now fit the lock and connect the handles.

Check if the door catch is good and if the door locks with the key. Look for any unsmooth sides and finish them of. Lightly rub the edges of with a medium course sandpaper - normally around 80 grid.


That's it, you have done your first home door installation!


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