Care and maintenance for your Wooden Dog Kennel

All wooden products, especially those that stand outside in the sun and rain must be maintained to give years of service. Wood that is not treated will not last long. It is essential that you maintain your kennel by regularly (every 3 - 6 months) keep it treated as treatment on wood wear off because of the elements it is exposed too.

Please remember to maintain your kennel by regular treatments at least every 6 months (or when the wood starts looking faded especially when in direct sun or rain) with a penetration oil like Waxol and a brush (you can buy it from our workshop for only R 60.00 a 2 liter) or you can buy at any Builders or hardware store. The roof should also be maintained with any good roof top paint like Duram, Plascon or any other good roof paint. You can even change the colour of your roof to another colour to fit in with your surroundings!

If your kennel is standing on ground or grass, it is also best to put it up on a few brick blocks on the corners and give it also a middle support. Try keeping your kennel away from the ground as much as possible.

You can also open up the roof to clean out your kennel or to put blankets or a mattress in for your dog/s to sleep. A dog usually carries all their "trophies" to their kennel to keep for save keeping! You can easily take out all unwanted things. Give them a lot of toys (2 lt or 500ml plastic bottles are great toys for dogs!) to play with INSIDE their kennel!

If you need to spray poisons to kill fleas and bugs, etc, please make sure the kennel is opened up for some time just to let the fumes out and neutralize the poison in the close space of the kennel. Best to use a product like BRAVECTO for your dogs and cats to kill all fleas not only on the dogs but also in its surroundings and bedding! It is really a GREAT PRODUCT and last up to 3 months with one dosage! Remember you can even take of your roof completely should you want to clean or move the kennel!

We hope that our Kennel gives your dog a great home where he can rest and be safe from all elements!

How to remove stains from paving

Paving StainsThis post will focus on the wide variety of different stains and spillages and guide you on how to treat the affected area. It is important to note that the following advice is offered for your assistance, however we do strongly recommend that the application of any treatment should be carried out on a small inconspicuous area first and that the relevant manufacturer’s instructions are strictly followed.

When treating stains/spillages it is advisable to identify the source of the staining (i.e rust from cast iron gutters, oil from leaking engines) and repair it. This will prevent any further staining/damage to your paving.

Hang A Door

Door installation of wooden house doors

Although hanging a door in your house is a fairly easy task, in order to do it right you need to make sure of a few things.

8 Things to do door installation correctly

  1. Make sure your door is the correct size before you do the door installation. Normal doors in most houses is 813mm with a height of 2030mm. You also get the 762mm in width, make sure you have the correct size door.

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